Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hudson's First Halloween

Here is Hudson the Astronaut, complete with Binkie heading out on his first
Halloween adventure.
Hudson the Astronaut and Daddy, Well he was the Moon !!
Here's Grandpa, Hudson thinks he was a PUMPKIN !!

Hudson figured out really quick that you grab what you want !!

Hudson and his little friend Ben. They share a wonderful Nanny

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brileys 5th Halloween Party

Edward Cullen from Twilight AKA Nathan
Wyatt Earp From the movie TOMBSTONE AKA Cody

Wyatt Earps Girlfriend Mattie AKA Lauren
Witch Betsy and Rosalie from Twilght AKA Karen

Rosalie/Karen and Bella from Twilght AKA Melissa
Here are some shots from Brileys Halloween Birthday party. Aren't we all
SOOOOOOOO goofy !!!

More Texas Trip Soccer with Briley

I finally got to watch my granddaughter Briley play soccer. She was very exctied that I was there, so posed for alot of pictures. She is a very good soccer player.


My Melissa At WOF Conference

A Beautiful Building on the Riverwalk.
Last Month I went to Texas to attend the Women of Faith Conference and spend time with Melissa, Nathan and My adorable granddaughters. We had a wonderful time at the conference. We also had a fun, fun time in San Antonio. We had some wonderful food and saw some great sights. Also we met alot of amazing people.